Monday, April 10, 2006

Dog attack gone to the dogs now

It's a dog attack. The dog has your child in it's jaws and won't let it go. You make a decision and decide to ________________. Remember, this is America so you have options. You don't have to call three diferent organizations nor sign any paperwork. Read the following story about a dog attack in England recently.

His mother Sherry, 23, said: "The dog had him by the back of his head and wouldn't let go. He was throwing Nicholas around like a rag doll. There was blood everywhere. If Nicholas had not covered his face with his hands, he could have been scarred for life."

Husband Michael said: "I kicked Mitch to get him off Nicholas. Then I ran into the kitchen, grabbed a bread knife and stabbed Mitch four times with it. The dog ran round the front and Sherry hit him with a broom."

Nicholas escaped briefly by climbing on to a car in a nearby car park. But the dog pulled him back and attacked him again, blacking his eye and biting him on his legs and body.

"By this time, a neighbour had called the police and there were 13 police cars outside," said Mr Andrea.

"The police dog-handler couldn't snare Mitch. They called a vet to give him a lethal injection but the vet didn't want to know.

"That's when the police armed response vehicle turned up. They got me to sign a statement saying I approved of them shooting Mitch."

Playing politics when a killer dog attacking a child is lose is sad.

I have a friend whose small dogs were attacked by large dog that jumped into the backyard. The neighbor is the one who used his belt and got control of the large dog. My friend called 911 because she was worried that the neighbor might shoot the dog! Ahh, a bit of a soft heart there still. :)

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