Monday, October 30, 2006

Candy Alert!

I like to refer to Halloween as the time when parents make their kids work and slave for candy especially for the parent. Did you really think that those parents let that hyper 4 year old eat another 20lbs of candy that he acquired?

From Hallmark Magazine:

Parents Confess to Stealing Halloween Candies!
Hallmark Magazine Survey Discloses the Most Popular Snacks Parents Swipe From Their Kids' Trick-Or-Treat Bags

NEW YORK, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- You suspected the truth when you were a kid, and now parents have confessed that it was so: They really DO steal candy from their kids' Trick-or-Treat bags! According to a recent poll published in the premiere issue of Hallmark Magazine, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup was the candy parents were most likely to swipe. Other popular targets of parental pilfering:

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (24%)
2. Almond Joy (12%)
3. Snickers (9%)
4. Butterfinger (8%)
5. Kit Kat (6%)

"My parents always told me they were just keeping my bag so I wouldn't eat it all at once and get sick," said Amy Palanjian, Assistant Editor, Hallmark Magazine, and the author of the article. "This is so disappointing."

A noble minority claimed that they would never steal candy from their kids' treat bags. "We don't believe them for a second," said Editor-in-Chief Lisa Benenson, "but maybe that's just because all the moms here at Hallmark Magazine are just a little bit too fond of their chocolate."

"Researchers have found that the average American consumes 22 pounds of candy a year, but looking at the empty candy wrappers around our office, I'd say we're on the high side of that estimate," adds Benenson.

Just in time for Halloween, researchers at Hallmark Magazine also unveil a Sweet History of candy on page 17 of the September/October issue.

Did you know that:
* Good & Plenty is the oldest branded American Candy, dating back to 1893?
* Tootsie Rolls were included in WWII rations because they can withstand severe weather?
* Candy corn dates back to 1898. Nine billion pieces of it will be produced during 2006?
* Snickers, America's best-selling candy bar, is named after the Mars family horse?

For more candy facts and the full Sweet History of candy, check out the current issue of Hallmark Magazine or go online at Hallmark Magazine

Hallmark Magazine is the women's lifestyle magazine that talks to women about the true substance of their lives -- family, friends, homes and community. The magazine is available through subscription as well as in booksellers, grocery stores, drug stores, mass merchants and Hallmark Gold Crown(R) stores across the country. Hallmark Magazine is a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, Inc. SOURCE Hallmark Magazine

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bryan PD TRT

As much as I like the town I live in, it has many of the same problems as anywhere else. This is an excerpt from SWAT USA, which is a series aired on Court TV featuring SWAT teams across the nation performing their duties in the field. Bryan PD’s TRT (Tactical Response Team) was featured in an episode which originally aired on 08 Oct 2006. The first half of the show was dedicated to the Bryan TRT while the second half featured San Antonio SWAT, specifically their team leader Willie Cantu, who is faced with a hostage situation. (I haven't found that part of the show yet.)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lights out, Lights on, Lights out

Yippee! The Brazos Valley had a brown out for about three hours, and our part of town went completely dark for about another two hours, from 8:30 to 10:30pm yesterday. I was hoping to see some stars but a bright moon lit the entire street and sky instead. Purty!

We had planned on ordering pizza for dinner last night but were thwarted by the brownouts. The pizza man said, "Try back in 15 minutes," and then "Try back in 20 minutes." My kids know what generators are but didn't understand why the hospitals have them but not the pizza joints. Hubby got the bright idea to just drive and get whatever pizza Double Dave's had left, but he was greeted at the restaurant by a line going out the door! Everybody else in town suddenly decided they wanted pizza too. I took forever to get our dinner and Double Dave's shorted us a pepperoni roll, but the family loved it. Unfortunately, Double Dave's fried one of their ovens with the brownouts.

When the lights went out completely, the neighbors started coming out with lawn chairs. One parent broke open some Halloween glow necklaces and passed them out to the kids running everywhere. Hubby broke open an old army glow stick and was disappointed to find it was an infared glow stick. (It glows but only if you're wearing night-vision goggles!)

I stayed up past midnight to reset all the clocks the easy way.

The news reports said a $1 million transformer blew up but I really think that's just a cover-up. Here's some more realistic reasons that the power went up:

(1) Organized revenged attack by squirrels, for the multiple deaths of their comrades.
(2) Somebody at the Power Plant forgot his anniversary and needed a good excuse.
(3) Chuck Norris, Texas Ranger needed power and we'll find out why on the next episode.
(4) Power diverted to the Houston Texan's training room in attempt to revive team.
(5) Texas A&M University experiment gone right.

Monday, October 02, 2006

My thoughts on Foley

Congressman Foley of Florida has been exposed as a predator in recent Instant Message (IMs) conversations he had with young pages on the Hill. First, the facts:

Congressman Foley sent some emails to young men that were later reported to authorities. The emails were described as "overtly friendly", it was discussed with Foley, and the issue was thought over. However, some really nasty IMs to the pages have recently surfaced. They went way beyond "friendly" and have crossed the line in sexual solicitation.

I am not calling for the head of Speaker of the House like some. I disagree that Hastert and party are in any way to blame. You simply don’t go around accusing people of attempted child solicitation without more proof. The emails alone just don’t cut it.

Now I wonder about those that held onto the IMs. After all, we’re being told that somebody has been “shopping” these IMs to reporters for a while now. I've heard “months” being tossed around. (From the Foley campaign, I believe.) If true, This person/these people should have federal charges brought against them for failing to report the abuse. I recall how the blogosphere spit upon that Watergate tattle-taler, who reported the fiasco to a reporter instead of the police or a justice authority. I see parallels between these two.

Frankly, I can’t figure out how this information would have been collected by a group to release it. How many sources are producing/releasing these IMs? I’d like to learn more about the big picture.