Monday, October 02, 2006

My thoughts on Foley

Congressman Foley of Florida has been exposed as a predator in recent Instant Message (IMs) conversations he had with young pages on the Hill. First, the facts:

Congressman Foley sent some emails to young men that were later reported to authorities. The emails were described as "overtly friendly", it was discussed with Foley, and the issue was thought over. However, some really nasty IMs to the pages have recently surfaced. They went way beyond "friendly" and have crossed the line in sexual solicitation.

I am not calling for the head of Speaker of the House like some. I disagree that Hastert and party are in any way to blame. You simply don’t go around accusing people of attempted child solicitation without more proof. The emails alone just don’t cut it.

Now I wonder about those that held onto the IMs. After all, we’re being told that somebody has been “shopping” these IMs to reporters for a while now. I've heard “months” being tossed around. (From the Foley campaign, I believe.) If true, This person/these people should have federal charges brought against them for failing to report the abuse. I recall how the blogosphere spit upon that Watergate tattle-taler, who reported the fiasco to a reporter instead of the police or a justice authority. I see parallels between these two.

Frankly, I can’t figure out how this information would have been collected by a group to release it. How many sources are producing/releasing these IMs? I’d like to learn more about the big picture.

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