Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lights out, Lights on, Lights out

Yippee! The Brazos Valley had a brown out for about three hours, and our part of town went completely dark for about another two hours, from 8:30 to 10:30pm yesterday. I was hoping to see some stars but a bright moon lit the entire street and sky instead. Purty!

We had planned on ordering pizza for dinner last night but were thwarted by the brownouts. The pizza man said, "Try back in 15 minutes," and then "Try back in 20 minutes." My kids know what generators are but didn't understand why the hospitals have them but not the pizza joints. Hubby got the bright idea to just drive and get whatever pizza Double Dave's had left, but he was greeted at the restaurant by a line going out the door! Everybody else in town suddenly decided they wanted pizza too. I took forever to get our dinner and Double Dave's shorted us a pepperoni roll, but the family loved it. Unfortunately, Double Dave's fried one of their ovens with the brownouts.

When the lights went out completely, the neighbors started coming out with lawn chairs. One parent broke open some Halloween glow necklaces and passed them out to the kids running everywhere. Hubby broke open an old army glow stick and was disappointed to find it was an infared glow stick. (It glows but only if you're wearing night-vision goggles!)

I stayed up past midnight to reset all the clocks the easy way.

The news reports said a $1 million transformer blew up but I really think that's just a cover-up. Here's some more realistic reasons that the power went up:

(1) Organized revenged attack by squirrels, for the multiple deaths of their comrades.
(2) Somebody at the Power Plant forgot his anniversary and needed a good excuse.
(3) Chuck Norris, Texas Ranger needed power and we'll find out why on the next episode.
(4) Power diverted to the Houston Texan's training room in attempt to revive team.
(5) Texas A&M University experiment gone right.

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