Monday, December 21, 2009

Two weeks ago

Over here at Onlythreesofar, we're stimulating the economy in our own special way. Hubby lost his sunglasses and celphone two weeks ago today. Seems he left the pocket on his riding suit open and they fell out on the way to work. They were lost along the first three miles riding to work and we searched the area diligently. I even walked along the entrance ramp to the highway, hoping to find them unscathed. It was weird walking along there on that cold and wet blustery day and I was sure glad no cops came and asked if I was planning on committing suicide.

We never found a single trace of either item, not even crumbs in the road. We've replaced the cel phone already at the steep price of $350. I had to buy those annoying accessories plus pay extra for everybody else to get their cel phone for free. Bleh!

I could really care less about the cel phone. What I really wanted was those glasses! It may sound expensive for the phone but it's a drop in the bucket compared to what replacing his glasses is going to cost us. First, we have to get him an eye appointment, then frames and lens, and I'll have to replace the lens in his other two pairs of glasses. That'll probably run in the $500 to $700 range for all of that.

But if it's good for the economy, maybe we should all throw our cel phones out the window onto the highway. Maybe Obama and the Democrats should just offer to pay for the first $200 down on a new cel phone. Poor people could get theirs for free. But because there are so many plans that take advantage of poor folks, and so many poor folks that can't afford one, the government should come up with new, historical legislation to guarantee everybody coverage. If I'm elected to the Senate, I promise to fight for the highest bribe for my vote- for my state, you know. It's all for my state.

My BiL says the best way to stimulate the economy is to have a baby. Fast results with long lasting effects? Check. Consumer? Check. New tax-payer? Check! I think we have a winner people.

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