Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Fuzzy Warm Pajama Pants are Blue

Its weird reading the newspaper sometimes. You can be happy, learn new stuff, and sometimes, get your fuzzy warm pajama pants shocked off of you. Well, that's what happened to me today. It seems somebody just up and decided to RENAME MY HOME! Yup, apparently "Fondren" was too passe and they needed to "breath life" into the area. Seems the ghosts of the Fondren family failed to guard the city so officials need to have them exorcized from the area. The officials think they can make the hookers on the corner wither way from boredom by renaming the area one of the those mundane neighborhood names that corporations always think of. Soon, the hookers will grow roots where they stand and become the next generation of beautiful Oak trees that will stand out against the many other thousands of Oak trees in the city of Houston.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Officials of a management district in Fondren Southwest hope the new moniker they have recently created for the entity will help breathe life into the area.

The management district board on Jan. 31 unanimously approved "Brays Oaks" as the district's working name although "Harris County Improvement District No. 5" will continued to be used for legal purposes.

The new appellation was culled from nearly 30 suggestions that an ad hoc committee received from residents through e-mail and postal mail since November, said Elaine Gaskamp, a member of the board who chaired the committee.

The board and the committee held a town meeting on Nov. 17 to solicit a new name that would give the district a distinct identity and improve the area's image.

The committee sought a name that is timeless, ties communities together without references to any specific subdivision or neighborhood but expresses a proud sense of ownership by those who live or work in the area.

Gaskamp said many names suggested identified Brays Bayou with
references to the natural environment of the area, including the abundance of
live oaks.

And I seriously doubt that most of the area even knew that there was a name change being considered.

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