Saturday, November 04, 2006

Watch the Illegal Immigrants!

Texas has opened to public viewing the first fifteen or so of cameras installed on the border. They are just test cameras to help the state decide which system they want to purchase right now. You can click HERE to go to the site and view the live-action feed. The site is appropriately named, "Texas Virtual Neighborhood Border Watch." If you see something suspicious, hit a button and alert the authorities!

CNN had a video on their website with two Texans talking about it. The guy for it said he would be happy to do his part and watch. He also said he's be happy if they spent a million dollars on this program. I wonder if anybody told him they're already planning on spending 5 million on it. :) Another lady, the opposing view, seemed to be worried about vigilantism and complained that the public is not trained but government officials already are. But heh, I think I've been perfectly trained to watch tv. :)

Television station KVIA has a pretty good article about the cameras if you want to read more.

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