Saturday, December 13, 2008

Abortion Definitions

NOTE: I wrote this back in September but forgot to post it. A little late, but I didn't think it was half bad after I re-read it. Sarcasm is hard so please forgive me if I don't get it right for you.

Abortion is a hot topic between two of my favorite blogs and Provenzo. Provenzo, who is desperately trying to defend a women's right to abort her baby has a long and thought out argument. But arguments can only stand of the base they're built and that's why you don't build on sand. The Left likes to use new words and definitions such as "biological independence", "fetus", and "personhood" and weigh them against the more common terms of "with child", "baby", and "human". It's a confusing world when

From Provenzo via Casey Fiano:

"But why is biological independence the defining factor of personhood in both
morality and under the law?"

Once outside the womb, a biological mother's body continues to sustain the "fetus". The same level of nutrients and antibodies, less oxygen, that were delivered to the fetus via blood and an umbilical cord are now delivered via milk and breasts. This unique system is equipped to every female to allow them to continue the biological dependence of their fetus.

As the fetus grows, it learns small tasks, such as picking up food and that, if you push certain buttons on doors, food pops out. Some talented fetuses even develop tool and hunting skills. Parents of the fetus are astounded when they use sticks to stab bugs before they eat them. At this point in development, the human fetus has the intelligence of it's close cousin, the ape. Since 99.99999% of our genes are the same, a blind alien might be unable to tell a human fetus from an ape fetus.

During this time of development, human parents are often exhibit signs of herd mentality. As with dolphins and elephants, two very alike creatures, the development is left with older humans of the same clan. At approximately age 3, humans teach their fetuses to poop in a distinct location, just like the earth animal named pig.

Suddenly, at approximately age 5, the fetus graduates into a new level of intelligence, decisively separating it from it's ape cousin and mysteriously morphing into a "human". The first sign of logical, verbal argument are usually presented in the fetus' self-defense: "But Jimmy did it first!" Though frustrating to fetus' parents, is also the hallmark that a fetus has finally developed into a human, unique from other animals on earth.

//sarcasm off

Biological independence is a bad fact, a farce. There is no such thing. I've never met a truly biological independent person. I can say today that I am biologically dependent from my mother but I can never say that I am biologically independent. Besides, the independent/dependent relationship does not automatically translate into an authoritative relationship. Even further, an authoritative relationship does not automatically grant the authority over life or death. Historically, even owners of slaves, which were considered property and not given recognition of personhood by the government, were not granted the authority over their life and death.

Even the left's definition of "personhood" is weak and easily ripped apart. Their definition of personhood is represented by what rights are afforded it. You're getting it mixed up. Historically rights have defined citizenship and, only recently, been afforded to all people. Yet all these centuries, people were people even without "rights". Rights are granted by government; Personhood is not and can not. Slaves were always people, just people without rights.

Being outside the womb isn't what makes us different from the animals around us. Being outside the womb isn't what makes us human.

Scientists can't settle on a definition of life yet everybody knows what it is. Don't hide behind made-up definitions.

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