Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sex in the City....Park

A town had to re-write their laws after a Judge suddenly decided that sex in the park was not considered "disorderly conduct".

From The State:

But in June, Columbia got a new chief administrative judge who had a different interpretation of the law, Coble said.

Judge Dana Turner, who was one of the city’s assistant city managers, said the disorderly conduct ordinance was meant to keep people from shouting profanities and fighting in public, not from having sex in public.

“We have made an attempt to have people charged for doing things in our park that were not acceptable, and we were not successful in court,” Baker said.

It was "meant" only to do what she think? The definition of disorderly conduct has been around since 1786. Maybe the judge should have read the definition of disorderly conduct at Merriam-Webster:

:a petty offense chiefly against public order and decency that falls short of an indictable misdemeanor
Does not keeping your clothes on in public fall under the term decency? Isn't keeping sexual activities out the public park part of keeping public order? If the judge is confused, she should just hire a Texas Grandma. If Texas Grandma says, "Well, that just ain't right," then it probably doesn't qualify as "decent".

I had thought the article would be about catching teenagers driving down "Lover's Lane" and making out in their cars. The first line of the article set off my "gaydar" though.

People are having consensual sex in Columbia’s parks — but primarily in Granby Park along the river — and a loophole in the city’s ordinance has kept the city from prosecuting them.
Consensual sex? Versus what- rape? By applying the label "consensual", the reporter is telling us not to judge them -butt out- as they are adults making their own decisions that are none of our business. If the newspaper is justifying the sex, then you know it's gotta be about gays. Oh yeah, it was all about gay men. However, I find over and over, it's always worse than I think.

Granby Park has had problems before with men soliciting sex from other men.

It's hook-up spot for whoring gay men. These aren't even couples! And it gets even nastier because the article goes on to state how it happens in a lot of other city parks. I must have been stupid to think it was just limited to airport bathrooms.

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