Monday, January 02, 2006

Bonfire burns again

Bonfire was still standing tall after the November burn because it had failed to burn all the way through. Yesterday, Bonfire was finally finished off and taken down, but not in the grand finale that anybody had hoped for.

Firefighters from across Brazos County spent much of New Year's Day trying
to extinguish the still-standing Aggie Student Bonfire, which slowly had to be
dismantled after unknown culprits set it on fire.

A track hoe operator brought in by a volunteer fire department plucked
the smoldering logs down one by one. Meanwhile, Brazos County Sheriff's
Department officials said late Sunday that they will try to find whoever was
responsible for igniting the stack of logs.

While it was unclear who set the blaze, it was obvious the structure
purposely had been lit, according to Jason Ware, an assistant fire chief over
precincts 2 and 3 volunteer fire departments.

The main reason that Bonfire had not been finished off was because there is a burn ban in effect for most of Texas. A terrible drought that has been in effect since summer, combined with a day of high winds, forced the firefighters to use extreme methods to put the bonfire logs out.

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