Thursday, January 12, 2006

Explosion in Lab at Texas A&M

An explosion at Texas A&M in the Chemistry Building! I imagined the whole third floor of the building disappearing in a ball of flames but the old building is still standing, a bit shakier now though. Somebody's chemistry experiment exploded overnight but I get the impression from the short article that nobody even realized it until much later.

From KBTX:

Emergency crews on the scene of an explosion on the campus of Texas A&M University.

Authorities aren't sure what happened but say the explosion actually happened sometime overnight on the third floor of the Chemistry Building.

No one was present when the explosion happened and there are no reports of any injuries. Lab personnel say hydrocarbons were being distilled on a lab on the third floor. Authorities say there is "significant damage" to one of the labs inside the building.

The only danger, authorities say, is flammability - that the fumes of the chemicals could ignite a fire. They have sealed off a large area around the building. Crews from College Station and Bryan fire departments are on the scene as well as hazardous materials personnel from both fire departments and the university.

Crews say it could be a matter of hours, or days, before they have
things cleaned up.

The road beside the Chemistry Building and in between the old Geology Building has been closed for ages because it was destroyed by Mother Nature's slow destructive forces. It's quite a black mark on an otherwise beautiful and well-kept campus. I had heard a rumor years ago when the closed the road, that the school was going to wait until the Chemistry Building was re-built in a few short years. However, that was so very wrong. Instead, the University built a second, bigger Chemistry in the middle of my favorite parking lot.

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