Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas Parade

This Sunday we had our local city Christmas Parade with a great turnout. My husband and his dental hygiene class had been working on their float for the past couple of weekends and our Scout pack built their float on Saturday. Kia let us build the Scout float in their garages and the kids came home completely filthy and happy. Whitney had paint all over her pants and Sonia probably ruined her nicest with grease. Jarod got some paint on his new jeans but boys look all the more tougher with some work stains on their pants.

I've decided that Local Parades are a joy. Our twin cities are just big enough to make for an interesting parade but still have that small-town feel. I was amazed by how many people I knew on the floats and the many faces I knew in the crowd. The Texas A&M University stuff started the parade off this year with style and class. The Ross Volunteers, the Corp unit that performs at all the formal occasions, led of the parade with some snazzy marching and drilling. Then the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band a.k.a, the Pulse of Aggieland, and the Fish Drill Team followed up. Wow!

The kids' school float took the Grand Prize this year with their "Parade on Parade" idea. Each child was dressed as a float, car, or horse group as part of the typical groups that join in the parade. It was a treat and deserved the prize. The Student Dental Hygiene float took First Prize in the Collgiate entry but our Scout float didn't do anything. We had a ton of fun though and passed out a lot of candy. The dental float passed out 1000 toothbrushes, plus samples of toothepaste and mouthwash donated to the groups. They ran out of stuff even before the halfway point! Our scout float was towards the end of the parade floats (we waited 2 hrs just to get started) and we had heard that the other half wasn't getting any candy or goodies. We saved most of our candy until the end and filled the hands of the all the kids (or as many as we could at a runner's pace) with goodies and fun.

Later that evening, the local PBS station put the full 3 hr parade on television! I got to see the other floats and the dental float with my girls on it. :) Sonia and Whitney were so excited! They had made themselves "tooth crowns" to wear on the float. Sonia doesn't get the pun even though it was her idea. The scout float was on TV too but I fell fast asleep on the couch and didn't get to see myself on air. The dvds of the program are on tv so I hope that the library will get it soon.

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