Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Go Get 'Em!

I first thought the title of this article was "Two in Dallas Not Accused of Katrina Fraud". There are a lot of people, me included, who thought that there were tons of people committing fraud to get the free dough from FEMA. Mass operations always make for an easy take.

The article seems to say these are dirty Texans who impersonated Louisiana refugees in an attempt to get money. I had heard a rumor that fake Louisiana IDs were the hottest thing selling on the black market because anybody with one could get a free hotel room. I'm glad that they actually arrested somebody for something.


Two in Dallas Accused of Katrina Fraud

Two Dallas residents have been accused of separate schemes to impersonate hurricane evacuees and bilk the Federal Emergency Management Agency out of thousands of dollars, authorities said.

Lakietha Hall, 35, was arrested Wednesday and charged with stealing more than $65,000 in FEMA money, according to a release from the U.S. Attorney's office. Authorities seized more than $10,000 in cash during a search of Hall's apartment, the release said.

And just in case some people were worried, no, Texas does not give the death penalty for theft.

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