Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's only 28 degrees!

Yesterday morning, even though it was below freezing, I made my kids walk to school. Now Sonia had gotten a cute fleece pink shawl as a gift yesterday and was determined to wear it to school. She had put on three long-sleeve shirts, the fleece, danced around outside, and proclaimed herself to be completely okay. Ha ha. Well, I sure wasn't going to stand for that and yes, there were tears. I told her that those tears were going to freeze on her face if they didn't get dried up. Finally, she put on her that brand new pink and fluffy coat we bought her just for this reason.

Jarod threw a fit because I made him wear a hat and the green scarf wasn't the green scarf he wanted. It was the other green green scarf to match the green hat that he wanted. He wasn't happy with the green hat to begin with but the other green green scarf matched the green hat better than this green scarf. It was very strange of him.

And Whitney did her usual "I don't know where it is" routine again.

And so I sent them out of the door, all of them unhappy for some reason or another.

But then I suddenly felt guilty, like I was a horrible parent because my kids were walking to school in the cold weather. What would the other parents think of me? Last year I tried to get the kids to walk to school in the cold weather. The little smarties immeadiately walked next door and asked the neighbor for a ride! My guilt and worry grew so, I threw on clothes, thermals, and my warmest coat and ran down the street to join the kids. I went around the bend and could see them about six houses down. The kids had already met up with other kids walking to school too. Mine had stripped all the hats and scarfs and shoved them into backpacks. Sonia looked like she had unzipped her coat.

I laughed and watched the kids from a distance for a short while before turning back to the house. I heated up some water and enjoyed some hot chocolate by myself.

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