Saturday, December 10, 2005

How do you spell ice cicles?

There aren't many freezes in Texas but this one was fun. There was tons of ice but not many power outages in the area. School wasn't cancelled for us and the ice lastest two days. The vehicles were covered with ice and we couldn't open our doors. Finally, Mark managed to get the trunk of the van open and crawled in from there. The seat on the motorcycle cracked when Mark banged on it and the electronic controls on one of the back windows on the van don't work anymore. The kids practiced their ninja kicks on the ice covered bushes and walked to school, even in the freezing cold. After all, that's why I keep those things called coats, gloves, scarves, and sweaters in the closet.

Whitney kept trying to walk home without her coat on. Twice, she escaped from under her teacher's watchful eye in just her sweater. For the many kids that just run outside and hop in a warm car, that would have been fine. One of the days I picked them up because of the rain but the second day she was completely freezing and her hands had turned an extreme shade of red- and her coat was inches away in her backpack. Now, I can't help but doubt the sanity of a child who was so dang cold but didn't get her coat out and put it on.... sigh. I emailed her teacher and yelled at her older sister and now Whitney will always have her coat on!

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