Friday, November 04, 2005

Airbags for Motorcycles

At first glance, I found this quite hilarious but Honda was very serious when they considered and tested an airbag on a motorcycle. They found that half of motorcycle accidents happen when the biker crashes headfirst into another vehicle. By putting an airbag in the way, the rider's velocity slows down and there's less impact into the other vehicle. Riders should continue to wear gear.

Airbags come to motorcycles with the 2006 Gold Wing. The airbag just slows the rider, it does not prevent his ejection.

After years of experimentation and research, Honda has released the first airbag installed on a production motorcycle. The airbag system will be available on the premium version of 2006 GL1800 Gold Wing, which goes on sale next spring.

If you don't have a Honda Gold Wing, you can still get the protection of an airbag with the Motorcycle Airbag Jacket!

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