Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Texas Passes Constitutional Admendment

Did you really expect anything less? I was kinda hoping we would get in the 80th percentile range but oh well.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Texas became the 19th state to approve a constitutional ban of gay marriage as voters decided nine proposed amendments today.

Like every other state except Massachusetts, Texas didn't permit same-sex marriages, but the constitutional amendment was touted as an extra guard against future court rulings.

With more than 700,000 votes counted, 77 percent favored the ban and 23 percent opposed it.

Hubby and I went to the voting area and I had to help two eldery people work the electronic machines. You have to put a code into the machine before you start your voting and I showed them how to work it as they entered their codes. It would be helpful it they had a practice booth set up. I wonder if people nowadays feel the same about the electronic voting machines as they did when the hole punch machines were introduced? Were there huge debates about the effectiveness or ease of fraud? Did the men hold up their voting card into the light and distrustingly count the votes before slipping it into the box?

We saw a couple with triplet infants walking to the voting area. Hubby helped a man find an easier entrance to the school for his handicapped mother who wanted to vote. It was also really neat to see so many young couples without kids driving up to the voting area. Voting seems to bring out the "community spirit" in so many people.

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