Monday, November 07, 2005

The Rest of the Story

A tragedy happened yesterday in College Station. A couple of middle school students, two boys and a girl, tried to cross the freeway from the carnival to the movie theater. The girl was hit and killed after she hesitated while the boys made it safely across. There is an underpass on the freeway between the carnival and theater, making the incident even sadder. I'm working at one of the middle schools in town today and some of the students here knew her.

Stephen F. Austin Middle School student Raven Marae Bordieri - known to her family as Rae - was described Sunday as an outgoing 13-year-old who loved to dance, listen to music and hang out with friends.

Raven died Saturday night after she was hit by several cars while trying to run across Earl Rudder Freeway South near the Cinemark movie theater. At least two other teenagers were crossing the highway with Raven but were not injured, police said.

Passers-by pulled over to help, but some of the vehicles involved in the 9:45 p.m. accident did not stop, officials said. Officers shut down the northbound lanes of the highway at Harvey Road and worked into the night Saturday clearing the scene.

Raven lived with her Grandpa instead of her parents. Sadly, her Grandpa suffered two strokes when he was told the news and is now in the hospital. Her older sister is not handling the news very well and is throwing things and tearing up the house. Her mother is on crack and doesn't even know she's dead yet.

Correction: After speaking with a relative and close friend of mine, I've learned that the Grandpa's medical history is past medical history, not something that happened this past weekend. I spoke to one of Raven's friends who told me about this weekend and she mentioned the strokes. It was my error to not understand she meant those in the past. However, I did not confirm with my friend what the details of his medical history are.

Update: I'm very sorry that I've hurt so many people's feeling and caused a lot of anger. The things I said were too emotional for the moment for you. However, I don't believe that I ever personally insulted Raven. My point in writing the above paragraph was to contrast the love and anguish felt by her family but strangly not felt by her mother, the one you'd expect to be in the most pain.

The points I listed about Raven's family were also because I found them to parallel my life so well. My sister died when she was 19, five years ago now. My parents let her out of the house and tried to safeguard her life but to no avail. You could say that my sister OD'd on her drug of choice: M&Ms. Her real mom (she was my step-sister but in formalities only) was in jail at the time. She has so many convictions (drugs, prostitution, arson) that they didn't even let her out escorted to go to the funeral. Her Granny (maternal) was in the hospital at the time. Nobody would tell her that my sister died. She would constantly ask, "Why isn't she coming to see me?" and "When is she going to be back?" It was a couple of months before somebody finally told her and she passed away two weeks later. I hope you can see how my sister's mom and my sister's grandma paralled Raven's mom and Raven's grandpa. I'll let you figure out on your own why I listed the third family member.

I hope each one of you can find the comfort that I did when my sister passed away. It was simply because I knew where she was; I know that I will see her again. Thank you Jesus!

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