Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Student Bonfire May Get Recognition

"Aggies didn't build Bonfire, Bonfire built Aggies" ~famous quote from somebody

This is great news for Aggies who have been fighting hard to keep the tradition of bonfire alive. Off-campus bonfire has been held for the past couple of years and been supported by many alumni, students, and people from the Aggieland community. President Gates, in his first public speech, endorsed the idea of bringing back Bonfire to campus but promptly dropped the idea on Day 2.

Exerpt from The Battalion:

Wednesday night, the Texas A&M Student Senate will vote on a bill to endorse Off-Campus Bonfire. If passed, A&M's Student Government Association (SGA) will recognize Off-Campus Bonfire as an official student organization.

Student Senate Speaker Will Hailey said Off-Campus Bonfire deserves SGA's full support whether or not all students support the rganization.

"Bonfire deserves special support because the guys and girls of Aggie Bonfire are keeping alive the Aggie tradition that connects all of A&M - past, present and future," Hailey said.

The bill has 32 co-authors, while the average bill in student senate has two or three. The larger number of co-authors is an effort to have the bill accepted before the legislation reaches the senate floor, Hailey said.

To pass, half the senators present at the meeting must approve the bill. [Texas] A&M has 63 student senators and the bill has nearly 32 co-authors, meaning the bill has enough support to pass.

Patrick Dugan, a leader in the fight to restore Bonfire, encouraged students to email administrators this week in a show of solidarity.

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