Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Self-defense again

I read an article today about a case of self-defense in Houston and thought I'd email it over to Clayton Clamer's blog but he already had it linked. In fact, he had FOUR articles already posted just from today's newspapers. If you view his blog, you'll see that there is rarely a day that goes by when a case of self-defense is not reported in the papers.

No hard-core statistics exists to show how many people use their guns in self-defense. Only a few of the self-defense cases where the intruder dies are actually reported in the newspaper. There are rarely newpaper articles concerning the use of force to defend against animals or the use of force to defend yourself when the intruder does not die. It is this glaring lack of statistics that has caused many people to start tracking self-defense on a personal scale. Without hard stats to back of their case, gun owners cannot fight the courts and stigma of gun ownership that currently exists in pockets in our country.

One day I hope to see an article that says, "Honest citizens used a weapon X times this year to defend themselves and their family. Because of their actions, X people are still alive today."

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