Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anti-American Sentiment Strong While Helping Haitians

There has been a strong backlash against the US for stepping up and taking the lead for the Haitian aid. Oh, it's not coming from the Haitians, as this Time article reports:
On Monday, the U.S. is sending troops in to help restore order — and far from resenting the intervention, many Haitians are anxious for the American colossus to arrive quickly and to completely take over the running of their country.
Au Contraire!  It's  France and Brazil that are angry about USA's organizational skills, and now Italians that are getting air time complaining about the use of military as humanitarians.  Do a search for "haiti military takeover" and you'll be shocked at the many news references you get.  Ex-Haitian government officials are getting into the act, even as the UN states that military is needed for security escorts.  The French have such an anti-American attitude that their news organizations are using "domination" and "occupation" to describe our organization of aid relief.  It's gotten so bad that President Sarkozy of France had to make a statement against the anti-American blabbermouths.  What's the basis for this argument?
Some French officials had accused the US of sidelining the French effort, including a minister who angrily accused the US of "occupying Haiti" after a French plane carrying a field hospital was turned back from the airport, the Telegraph reports.
Seems the plane was diverted to Dominican Republic. 

The Anchoress has been calling for a strong, public leader for Haitian aid on the US side for a while now. Maybe communication from a front and center international leader could have prevented, or at least nullified this anti-American backlash. 

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