Monday, January 04, 2010

New Technology

This past year we got a really nice big screen LCD television (it was a gift). Then hubby surprised me with a Blu-Ray player to go with it a couple of months later. (Considering his penchancy for showing up with expensive items that I won't say yes to, I really wasn't that surprised. ) And this Christmas we finally got our first Blu-Ray disc: The Dark Knight. Again, a gift. All the other discs we've watched were rentals. Just the other day we decided that we'll pick up Snow White and Sleeping Beauty on Blu-Ray since been so highly rated on their re-do. That'll bring our total discs to a measly three.

I guess since we're finally getting into Blu-Rays, I guess I'm not surprised to read this report on the newest and latest television equipment.

From Fox News:
New HDTVs May Soon Be Obsolete? Thanks a Lot, 3D

Just bought a new flat-panel HDTV for Christmas? Enjoying that new Blu-ray disc player? Guess what? They're already obsolete. Everything may be going 3D.

Later this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a slew of companies will be pushing what they hope will be the next big thing in TV: 3D movies and games — even new 3D HDTV broadcasts.

Well, I can definitely see this being a fun invention. After all, we can't watch the current crop of 3D hit movies in our homes without it. This is every gamer's dream come true. If 3D takes hold, Playstation 5 will be something truly out of Star Trek.

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