Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday Favorites Roundup


I've been thinking of adding a couple of other websites that I enjoy reading to the favorites lists but that would make these round ups very long!

Local politics have been a hoot over in Wisconsin this week over at Boot and Sabers. First, their governor is proposing a statewide health care plan and promising that it will be "entirely self-funded."  I guess their Democratic governor didn't learn a thing from the national health care fiasco.  Second, the Milwaukee School Board comes up with three finalists for the superintendent and they all have terrible resumes.

Clayton Cramer has officially started his teaching career as a Professor of World History

The good doctor at FinestKind Clinic and Fish Market has a slew of links to interesting articles published in the UK in respectable papers.   including a reporter, diagnosed with a terrible disease, contemplates suicide but learns to live instead.  The other article is another reporter's personal story, as he announces he's become hetero.  Two articles espousing right-wing ideas in the same week?  What is Great Britain coming to?  If those are too much for you, she has dancing and singing kittens.

Educator Joanne Jacobs highlights the National Council of Teachers of English trying to change the standards of education.  Their idea is that writing should more about self-expression rather than college and career readiness.  Thank you Joanne for keeping us informed of such crap.

Lutherans for Life says they can provide you with a Speaker if you need one for an event.

Michelle Malkin is probably having one of the best weeks in a long while.  Most of the news you're probably heard though the general media so I picked her article about the "The Left's Palinization of the Brown Family".  Now that Mr. Brown is Senator Brown, they're flashing old pictures of his wife in a bathing suit.  Are they ticked that she's sexy?  I just don't get it.

Secondhand Smoke looks internationally as he investigates Scotland's proposed assisted suicide bill.  It would allow non-terminal teenagers to be prescibed suicide drugs plus be administered by non-doctors

That's all folks!  I swear I'm gonna install trackbacks somehow.

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