Friday, January 15, 2010

Favorites Roundup

Over at Boots and Sabers, Owen is ticked about the new taxes being proposed for banks.

Clayton Cramer's rolling his eyes over people who are depressed that they can't live in Pandora, the imaginary world in Avatar.  He's hasn't been blogging as much because he's preparing to teach a college class.  That's a class I wish they would stream for us to watch too.

The doctor over at FinestKind Clinic and Fish Market shows us how to make different kinds of  Fry Breads.  Is that healthy doctor?

We're all talking about the superintendent of Houston's new proposal to fire teachers based on student performance over at Joanne Jacobs.  The comments are very interesting and worth your while.

Life issues are in the news again and Lutherans for Life have rolled out their newest program for Life Sunday on January 24th this year.  Just last week, I was watching Fox News at my sister's place and saw Lutherans for Life in a clip of an pro-life protest they played.  I sure wish I could be there one day. 

Michelle Malkin learned that the veggies used on the Iron Chef White House Special were all staged.  None of them came from the White House garden.  Veggie-Gate!  *laugh*

Last but not least, we're discussing two big topics over at Secondhand Smoke:  the legal defense of justifiable homocide in the murder of the abortion doc and the health care tax exemptions only unions members.  There's always more than meets the eye and Wesley J.  Smith always puts it in prospective for me. 


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