Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday Fun

Yesterday, my husband and kids woke me up by serving me breakfast in bed and singing me Happy Birthday.  A couple minutes later I asked my husband what the date was.  :)

I had a wonderful birthday and got lots of presents.  The kids got me a new four slice toaster as the old one was not toasting correctly.  I love useful gifts.  My neighbor asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I replied,"Well, I could really use some new kitchen towels."  She very sternly replied that she was not going to buy me dish rags as a present.  Instead she got me Bon Jovi's new CD, something that hubby would never buy me.  My friends and I went to Chili's and pigged out.  Even I'm shocked at how much food I ate. 

Hubby got me a new laptop, again.  I originally recieved it as a Christmas gift but when we started it up, all it said was "Windows:  Error".  The new one came the day before my birthday.  :)  Now I just need a ton of stuff for it! 

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