Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bad Luck for me

Just last week I stepped out of the store and took a big, deep breath of fresh air. Its the end of October and my hay fever is coming to a close. I meant it when I said October allergies. But now I've been sidelined with a terrible cough and cold. You can't substitute at schools if you've got laryngitis and can't yell at the students.

I got it from Sonia. She still is coughing, even a week after getting the bug. We made her wash her hands a thousand times and even made her wear a medical face mask. I suddenly have those in stock in my house since hubby became a dental student. Getting sick is NOT something he wants to do since it cuts directly into his class time. But he was really nice and didn't kick me out of the bedroom. He just slept at the other end of the bed.

Oh, I wish it ended there. But my life has had quite a bit of bad luck these past couple of weeks.

My van was in the shop over a month ago to get a transmission rebuilt. This repair came right on the heals of a new gasket, new starter, and a new tention pulley. All this happened within 9000 miles. It took the shop 4 tries and 13 days to get my transmission working correctly. In the mean time, the gave us a rental car and said they would pay for it.

Well I got a bill from the rental place saying that the shop had not paid the bill yet and now I was on the hook for the $500. Oh I am not going to sit back and just pay it. There's hope at least in this case.

But my other vehicle is in the shop too. Hubby took the motorcycle to a shop 100 miles away because I hate our in-town dealership so much. We just wanted to get his normal valve maintence. Hubby keeps his motorcycle in top-notch condition. The shop says that his valves are fine but he's got no compression in two cylinders. His motorcycle with only 40,000 miles has pretty much imploded and needs a $3000 overhall. And oh, this is "normal wear and tear" so it's not covered under our extended warranty. According to the shop my husband failed to ride the bike hard enough and that caused the problem.

I am not a happy camper. The problems here a pretty much summed up. I've never filed in court before but suddenly I'm sitting on two very potential problems that might need to be settled in court.

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