Saturday, October 08, 2005

Growing Up

I really wasn't prepared for the shock of seeing Little Brother with facial hair. Boy, that's the weirdest feeling. Annoying little brothers aren't supposed to have that kinda stuff.

Maybe I should send him a congratulatory card or something...

Right now I'm heading off to a cub scout family camping trip and we're sure to have a lot of fun. The weather is spectacular, with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. It makes it perfect weather for campfires, hot chocolate and snuggling deep in your sleeping bag. For me though, camping has developed into a new form of self-torture. I'm an avid camper but a couple years ago I developed terrible October allergies. Something brought down by the cool northern winds seems to be the mysterious culprit. I had allergy testing years ago with no conclusive results. The allergist concluded that I'm allergic to "sudden changes in weather." Yup, that was the official diagnosis.

So, I'm off to torture myself this weekend and carry a box of tissue everywhere I go. I have taken all my medicines but just having the windows open this morning has sent me into constant fits of sneezing. I like sneezing- but I don't like the sore throat and the itchy eyes that make me want to guage them out with my fingertips. This is going to be bad....

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