Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Big L (for Loser)

The principal of one of the local middle schools, Sam Rayburn, has decided to cancel Halloween for the school. He announced today that there will be no hair color, no costumes, and absolutely no candy. The normal dress code is in full effect. The principal said that since the student body was allowed to wear silly socks on drug-free day this week, they've already all the dress-up holidays they need.

Now, I agree that the normal dress code should be followed even on Halloween. You don't want the students trying to show up in one of the "I'm a _____ slut" costumes that have become so popular. But to completely ban costumes and fun on that day is ridiculous. When he went as far as to ban candy, I decided that the guy deserves little respect.

One of the student clubs on campus is raising money by selling "boo-grams" to be passed out at lunch. Should that be stopped too? A lot of teachers have their classroom decorated. I wonder if the Principal will wear a Halloween tie?

Sam Rayburn is a good middle school. I'm really impressed with the students that go there compared to the other two middle schools. I had thought this school was a prime candidate for my children to attend in the coming years. Though I would never base my entire decision on this strange upheavel, it does make me nervous about their other student policies.

I sure hope they don't stay so uptight. There's nothing I can't stand more than boring and controlling schools. They want to control the "fun" so they take away the normal fun and replace by their own style of fun days.

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