Thursday, October 06, 2005

Louisiana Problems in Texas

Some of the Louisiana students have been getting on the nerves of the Texas students. At first there was the fight at Jones High School in Houston. At another school in Houston, Westbury High School, there was an all-and-out gang fight on the front lawn of the school. Six cop cars with lights had to come and stop it. The word is that a gang from Louisiana was trying to earn some turf of its own. Now we can't figure out how a whole gang of Lousiana students were transferred to another school but they sure haven't "bonded" with their fellow gang members in Houston.

Even in my small town, "those New Orlean's students" are causing problems. More than once, I've heard some of my students complain of how pushy they are. "She thinks she can get away with pushing me around again. Well I'm not going to let her.", my student said. The next day she told us that the girl had tried to cuss her out for the third time, and she "reacted". Well, she didn't tell us exactly what she did but she was given detention for it.

And the gang members in my school aren't too happy either. "They think they can come in here and take over. What are they, stupid.? They ain't got no back-up to help them." Yup, life is hard for a lonely gang member. They've gotta fight the world because that's all they know.

Oh, and then there was the one that almost got through the safety net. The aunt tried to enroll the boy in school but she accidently let it slip that he hadn't been in class since early September. They were able to do some tracking and found that he'd been suspended for coming to school drunk in the early morning. We all agreed that the boy needed professional help. He'd probably spent the whole summer drunk and didn't know how to stop now. The school transferred him to the "needy" campus so he gets a second chance.

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