Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ebay Mystery Auctions

I found two funny auctions online at Ebay. The first one is a lady who tells a horrible story about a deceitful husband and she's selling all his things. What she's done is make up mystery boxes full of stuff and is selling them without telling about the contents. She's sold 27 or so of these and so far her feedback is good.


She says she's getting rid of all the stuff he gave her and this is her revenge. But she also said that the house and all of the belongings were awarded to her in court. Therefore, why would she want to get rid of belongings that are rightfully her for cheap? She would only be hurting herself. Is she lying or not? I dunno.

And this second auctioneer needs some Dear Abby help quickly.


My 20 year old daughter is a very determined, motivated young lady. When I was divorced I tried to make sure her and her brother's college education was paid for by their wealthy father. She has completed part of her schooling and now her DEADBEAT DAD has decided to keep all his money for himself and not pay for her
college! My daughter has been accepted to the school of her dreams!! Since she was 10 years old she has wanted to go to this school. When she called her dad about paying for the tuition he informed her," I AM NOT PAYING FOR IT!!! GET A
LAWYER!!!". Her faced turned from absolute excitement to tears and disappointment. Now she feared her DREAMS of the career she has always wanted were OVER!! NOT SO!!! Since my children were little I have physically and emotionally raised both my children by myself since their DEADBEAT DAD elected not to use his visitation rights. I am a POWER SELLER here on EBAY since I cannot work outside of my home due to health issues. My daughter and son suffer from the same health issues that I do. With a 99.9% POSITIVE FEEDBACK of almost 1600 you know I mean business!! I have decided to put my INVENTORY of BRAND NEW GORGEOUS, POPULAR, and EXPENSIVE items all into one HUGE MYSTERY AUCTION!!! It is the only way I can get my daughter to her school since all I have is my inventory not any cash. SO IT ALL HAS TO GO!!! I figured the DEADBEAT DAD was legally bound to pay for her college as per our stipulation from our divorce. Now he has decided NOT TO PAY ANYWAY!!!Seems he has other plans for his money not his daughter's career.

The sad fact is that the man does not want anything to do with his ex-wife and their children. His children are now over 18 and he has fulfilled any financial role required by the state. The ex-wife can't sue for college support from this man because of that. Instead, she's trying to make her children into leechers. She makes it sound like just because he has money, he should be obligated to spend it all on what she wants. Sorry, but she lost that priviledge when she divorced him.

I'll watch the auctions and see how much they go for.

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