Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Trip to the Grocery Store

I went to the store late at night tonight to get a couple essentials. Deodorant and Kleenex were in short supply in this house. Even though we have three bottles of mouthwash in the house, hubby was insistent that we get some more ACT. Geez, only a six-week dental student and already picky about which colored bottle I was to get. Walmart was stocking and they had boxes everywhere. That was a good change from just three weeks ago, when Katrina and Rita shortages were in effect. Having a bread and milk shortage kinda changes your view of life and things in general.

I grabbed all the stuff on my list plus a cute t-shirt, a gift bag on clearance, and two pumpkins for the school. I open my purse and sigh. The emptiness of my purse brought the sudden realization that I'd left my wallet in my lunch bag- for the second day. The cashier deferred the order and I raced home. I looked down at the gas gauge and silently asked God to make sure I could make it home and back. Hubby hadn't filled up the tank after his trip to Houston and it was on the line. Yikes!

I walk in, grab my wallet, and run back out. The Dr. Pepper I had started sipping was probably getting warm and my ice cream was melting back at Walmart. I parked, ran in, and opened my wallet to pay. Did you know that I went shopping on yesterday too? My check card was still at home!!! But I did have a Walmart shopping card from returned items with some cash on it. I thought I was going to have to start putting items back but in my only stroke of luck, it had twice the amount I thought it did. I gave her my only two cash dollars and that covered the whole bill.

I go out to the van and start to load. The last items I put in were the pumpkins but I discovered that one of them was bad. On the bottom there was this nasty scraped off part that was already showing mold. I locked the van and went inside to exchange it but they made it extremely complicated. The pumpkin bin was just ten feet away but I couldn't just grab and go. *sigh* And so at midnight, I had to stand in the only line behind the s l o w e s t group I've seen in a long time.

After more than 10 minutes, they opened a new register and she took me first. I told her I just needed a pumpkin, here was my receipt, and she called her manager over. Could I just grab one and go? The manager let me! Whoa...somebody with some sense!

I carried my new pumpkin out to the van. I had carefully locked it but ooops... It doesn't do it any good to lock the door if you don't bother to shut them.

And this is how my life tends to go at all times. My ice cream was melted but it tastes good anyway. Blue Bell mint chocolate chip. :) Yum Yum.

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