Wednesday, August 17, 2005

100 Things You Didn't Want to Know About Me

Howdy everybody! Here's my very first blog post for your enjoyable viewing. Like any good blogger, I am already copying my ideas from everybody else. We'll talk some more later!

1. I have 3 kids and a husband.
2. I live in Texas and will probably never move out of the state.
3. My husband rides a motorcycle.
4. We were almost hit on our last anniversary date.
5. It was fun to swerve like that.
6. I enjoy reading- a lot!
7. I like to read a lot of non-fiction.
8. It means I know lots of nothings about everything.
9. I haven’t read the Harry Potter or the Tolkien books.
10. I will one of these days.
11. I think Laura Ingalls Wilder is great.
12. One day I’ll write a long post on all the wisdom in her books.
13. I’m completely addicted to anime and manga.
14. Most of y’all don’t even know what anime and manga is.
15. It’s cartoons and comics from Japan.
16. I have my sister to blame for getting me addicted.
17. Apparently it was getting too expensive so Sister plotted to get me addicted so we could both buy stuff.
18. My favorite series is Fushigi Yugi.
19. I’m the oldest and have a sister and a brother.
20. One of my sisters died from diabetes.
21. My grandparents live in Hawaii.
22. I’ve been there a couple times.
23. I’m learning how to sew.
24. I think I’m pretty good already.
25. I am working on my degree from Texas A&M University.
26. People tend to go into shock when I tell them my degree.
27. I’m a senior in my Applied Mathematics B.S. with an emphasis in statistics.
28. I can’t say statistics.
29. I am a statistic because I got married and had my first child before I was 20.
30. I’ve been married for almost 10 years now.
31. I married my high school sweetheart.
32. I’m a little ditzy.
33. Okay, a little more than just a little.
34. Hubby knew that when he married me.
35. I like to sleep a lot.
36. I can sleep 14 hrs straight easily.
37. I’m not afraid to kill in self-defense.
38. I don’t talk about my sex life with people, no matter how much better mine is than theirs.
39. I can’t sing well or carry a tune.
40. I’m addicted to the internet and getting more information. (See #7 & #8)
41. I’m deathly afraid of tornadoes.
42. They have always haunted my nightmares.
43. My favorite band is Bon Jovi
44. I’ve only been to two concerts, and they were both Bon Jovi concerts.
45. I get cold easily and wear long sleeves even in summer.
46. I grew up without air conditioning in my house.
47. I have cool in-laws.
48. I like going to church.
49. I’m a Lutheran.
50. I’m married to a Mormon.
51. He jokes that I go to church because I’m addicted to the communion wine.
52. I don’t smoke or even drink.
53. I don’t have cable.
54. I don’t watch much television.
55. I never watched Friends or Seinfeld.
56. I love Star Trek and Gilligan’s Island
57. My oldest daughter loves Gilligan’s Island too.
58. I’m a thrifty person.
59. I’m poor.
60. I am a good cook.
61. It’s genetic.
62. I can bake anything except cookies.
63. I live for Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.
64. One of these days, I’ll have a cat again.
65. Public speaking doesn’t scare me.
66. I didn’t have my driver’s license until I was 19 years old.
67. My husband taught me how to drive.
68. He bought us a car for a wedding gift.
69. I really enjoy camping.
70. I used to go backpacking a lot.
71. Mosquitoes rarely bite me.
72. I was a Girl Scout for most of my life.
73. Now I’m a Cub Scout person.
74. I’m always prepared.
75. My house has so much food we could survive any sudden disaster.
76. Grocery shopping is more fun than mall shopping.
77. I’ve finally stopped buying more Christmas decorations.
78. I gave birth in an Army hospital twice.
79. The third one was born in a private hospital.
80. My oldest daughter can already draw better than me.
81. I’m a messy housekeeper.
82. I made this list.
83. I’m politically conservative with some libertarian leanings.
84. I vote.
85. I want to own an environmentally friendly house.
86. It would be cool to live in a giant tree house.
87. The blood bank rarely lets me donate because I have low iron.
88. I still have all the My Little Ponies from my childhood.
89. I lose my keys constantly.
90. I’ve locked myself out of the house, out of the car, locked the keys in the car when it was running, and locked them in the car with my infant girl asleep.
91. I like real pencils.
92. I let my kids walk to and from school.
93. I once lived across the street from a tiny car lot. A Doberman and a goat lived in the car lot.
94. I went to private school.
95. My best friend from grade school is still my best friend.
96. I eat cereal and a banana for breakfast almost every day.
97. I often get mistaken for being 10yrs younger than I am.
98. I’m terrible at remembering faces.
99. I read Dear Abby because I like to laugh at all the stupid people.
100. I never realized I was such a boring person.

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You're not boring!