Saturday, August 27, 2005

Pajamas Media to change name

You might not be familiar with Pajamas Media if you're not a big time political blog reader. They're a start-up company that will help connect bloggers and those who want to advertise on the blogs. The business was put together by some of the most prestigious bloggers out there to serve their other fellow bloggers. After having all the quirks and problems normally associated with a new business, today they announced another step towards their dreams.
The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the Pajamas Media Information Site
is live.

But the first news on their newest site was disappointing.
PJ News : Why We'll Be Changing Our Name

When the bloggers who started this company first came together it was almost natural we would call ourselves Pajamas Media. It was a playful tip of the hat to that moment when bloggers exposed the misreporting of CBS anchor Dan Rather. At that time, an ex-executive for CBS tried to dismiss us as riffraff in "pajamas." But the bloggers were right, CBS was wrong, Rather retired (without apologizing) and the rest is history.

But as we have gone forward putting together this company, it has become clear to us that we do not wish to be defined merely as gadflies in opposition to mainstream media. We owe our readers and our colleagues something bigger, an alternative to the structures we have lived with all our lives. It's not enough to criticize. We also have to build something new. To do that, we needed a name that would allow us to grow. And that name we are in the process of deciding.

Let us assure you that whatever it may be, we do not intend to lose our sense of fun or to forget our raffish roots. We only want to be more and hope you will join us in that quest.

One of the unique characteristics of bloggers is their ability to name events. The scandal-of-the-week-gate is the most often used name. Names for the current Air America business scandal include BoreAmerica, Air Enron, Air Deadbeat, and Air Scamerica. A business titled "Pajamas Media" would have fit into this niche market perfectly.

But the name Pajamas is also politicalized. It's a direct reference to the time when the "right" won and the media executives went down in flames. Since their business wants to be open to all bloggers, no matter their political motives, the name had to go. They're not looking to conquer just their personal niche market, they're looking to sell to the world, even socialist!

But it's not like the famous pajamas quote is going to be forgotten anytime soon. There's as much truth as mis-truth in the statement. A blogger who has never blogged in their pajamas is a rare bird indeed.

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