Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tool of the Week II

Week of 28 Aug 2005

The Quick Stand will travel with you and make all your chain lubing troubles go the way of the dodo. A swing-arm button on the right side of the bike is all you need, but you'll probably buy the pair.

The Quick Stand breaks down to easily fit under almost any seat. Pop it out, connect the shafts, and hook it to the right side button, after using the supplied hook and loop strap to secure your front brake.

A tripod is formed using the QS, your side stand, and your front tire. The tire will be suspended in the air and will rotate freely, just as if you had it on a track stand. A word of caution, don't use this method of lifting the rear end to remove the wheel, or for long-term storage. It probably isn't the most reassuring way to suspend your bike. Get a track stand for that.

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