Thursday, August 25, 2005

Howdy Boots and Sabers Friends

Welcome to our my baby blog!

I must admit, I first went to Boots and Sabers because the name sounded like an Aggie blog. I enjoyed reading it, posted a couple comments, and left. It took me a while to figure out why I kept coming back. After all, Wisconsin politics is Owen's niche market and I have no vested interest in that at all. I live in a completely different state.

First, Owen and Jed are really smart guys and good writers. And it's great that Wendy will drop in and post a couple comments too. The atmosphere at Boots and Sabers is friendly and considerate. The fellow commenters are diverse but above making nasty personal side remarks about their fellow debaters. And since Boots and Sabers doesn't have posts and comments that run into the 100s, everybody there knows that their comments are read and responded to.

But I think the main reason I kept coming back is because WISCONSIN POLITICS ARE ABSOULTELY NUTTY. So what if the Texas legislature can't decide on a school budget. The Wisconsin Aldermen work and slave and compromise on bills and budgets, just to have their governor cut and shred it like Enron memos. Let me give you a better example: The legislatures can take Webster's Dictionary, slapped a new cover on it, and then pass it into law as their new budget for the fiscal year. Then, the governor, (just like a serial killer), can use sissors and markers to cut out only the words he wants, paste them down, and make his own law. This, according to their State Supreme Court, is what partial veto means.

It was only a short while ago that the latest Wisconsin minimum wage increase was on the front page of our small town newspaper. As I chatted with the gas station cashier about the front page I said, "I have friends in Wisconsin. Let me tell you...."

Yes, I think friends was the proper word.

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