Thursday, August 18, 2005

City Stylin'

Kudos to the City of Bryan! This snazzy picture is the cover of the City of Bryan's Drinking Water Quality Report. It even made the evening news. :) Ya Gotta love small towns.

We have extremely soft water here in BCS area. When I first got here from Houston, I remember taking a shower and scratching the skin on my face because I didn't think the soap was washing off. Now, when I go to Houston and shower, my hair feels dry and tangly. (Is that a real word?)

A couple years ago, I threw newspapers in the early mornings. It was the summer that the Brazos Valley hit 100+ almost every day for 30 days. The hottest day was 112 and my CD player cooked in the van. During this drought, I would come home completely wet and covered in mud from all the apartments that insisted on watering their lawns every night. The amount of wasted water shocked me. There were always rivers of clean healthy water going down the drain. Their sprinkler systems were always messed up. A single sprinkler would be assigned to a patch of grass that was only 2 by 4 ft area. It would often water more concrete than grass and a couple of cars. Hey, maybe it was part of the lease agreement that the apartment would clean your car every night for free.

The worse thing was the geysers. More than once, I had to call apartment managers and tell them that they had geysers from their sprinkers. I'm not talking about a cute little fountain spray either. I do mean GEYSER. The one that stands out in my memory the most was the two story FAT geyser that blew for 5 days before I finally called the complex. I didn't call right away because I was SURE that the residents would report this one. Why didn't anybody else in the neighborhood notice this loud rushing and crashing sound right outside their bedrooms? Didn't that noise make them want to get up and use the bathroom all night long? The managers always said," Responsibility for maintenence and testing for the system is the job of the gardeners. "

It's no wonder that College Station is #2 in the state of Texas for water usage. (Dallas is #1)

It still ticks me off to see business water the grass during the rain. And why go watering the grass every night? Don't they know they just have to pay somebody to cut it down? Cause and effect- get it right dang it! Grrr!

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