Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I am the Teacher

Today I went to Substitute Teacher Orientation and by 1pm today, I'll be officially employed as a teacher. :) I'm a "professional substitute" which means I can be in the classroom alone.

I had always thought being a teacher would be fun. I would have wanted to teach my favorites, math and history, or maybe a creative mix of them both! All the bad news in the media about how teachers are choked and tethered from all sides has put a damper on my immeadiate future plans.

But the educational requirements for teachers have also soured me on the prospect. To teach math, all you really need is complete your sophomore level math classes. However, first you need a degree- ANY degree. I don't have that dang piece of paper yet I am more qualified than some. Frustrating, eh.

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MHN for short said...

Congrats! Just remember that it is mostly discipline at a little teaching. You get the discipline thing down and the rest will be easy.