Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's okay to cry baby

It was earlier this week that a medical article in the JAMA claimed that unborn children younger than 7 months development can't feel any pain at all. This study spit in the face of those who do in-utero surgury and those who work with tiny premature infants. Currently, a bill in Congress would require that pain information be given to potential abortionist mothers. One poorly done study could give the pro-abortion crowd all the ammo they need to start derailing this needed bill. Our bill states that fetal pain begins at the 20th week but our friends across the pond, the Brits, recommend pain treatment in the 18th week.

And, of course, the author of the study just absentmindedly forgot to mention her direct connections with the abortion industry. She was previously a director of an abortion clinic and now she's on the board of a pro-abortion advocacy center.

Ooops, yeah right.

But right on the heals of this study, comes another study that sheds light on the behavior of infants in the womb.

A new study has revealed that unborn babies cry within the womb. Ultrasound videos taken of infants within the womb revealed 28-week-old babies crying in response to a noise stimulus.

Whoa! That's extraordinary! The researches would play a loud sound, 90 decibals, that was loud enough to reach the child inside but, of course, not loud enough to cause any damage. The researchers took video of the children's reaction to the sound and compared it to actions taken by newborns. The similarities were amazing. I wonder why I never thought of this. Of course, a baby in the womb would have reaction to outside stimuli. Why would their reaction be different?

Go and read the full article. They even have a link to the ultrasound video of one of the infants crying.


MHN for short said...

This is a horrible thing. I can't ever imagine doing that to my own flesh and blood. Man, have I changed since becoming a mother.

mollo said...

You have changed a lot but all for the better. :) Wait 'til your boy turns 5- it's a magical age. He suddenly becomes human!