Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sewing project

I've been working and slaving away all day on this dress I'm making for my littlest daughter. Geez, does my back hurt. And I can't stand ruffles any more. I've already done 5 ruffles this evening and I have 2 more to go. I promise to show a pic of the dress when it's completed.

I got this sewing machine from my Grandma and Mother as a Christmas present. Learning to sew and making darling dresses has always been a dream of mine. I would be a lie to call it hand sewn though since I do 99.9% on the machine. I haven't made much on my own yet. First I made a dress, then a costume, next pjs, and now another dress. I told my husband that now he couldn't say I never finish projects any more.

Well, isn't the English language a beautiful thing?

He says, "Okay, but you still start more projects than you finish."


I think I could already make a wedding dress. After all, it only has to last for one day, right?


MHN for short said...

Well, it's about time!!!!!! Yeah! Now I can keep up with you! Welcome to the blogosphere!!!

mollo said...

Hubby just added me to his site. I haven't even put links up touched the colors. In fact, it was completely by accident that Hubby signed up for this in the first place. :) A beautiful mistake, if I ever did see one.

MHN for short said...

nodding head.

Anonymous said...

The beautiful thing about a wedding dress is its removal. It's a mistake for young brides to change before embarking on their Honeymoons as it is quite likely that the groom wants the privelege of unwrapping his new toy.