Friday, August 26, 2005

I am the Teacher Part 2

So, I went to my very first substitute teaching job yesterday. Just walking through the office without the secretaries questioning me was a rush.

So, my first job was a cinch, even by substituting standards. I have a student teacher that already knows the class plans and lessons. The teaching part only takes a couple minutes because the textbook is built for self-learning. It’s a computer class learning Excel so learning is hands-on and help is one-on-one. I know the material so I’m able to help around the room.

So, I walked into the secretary’s office to sign in for this easy seven day job. All I have to do is sign in and get a couple papers. This is our conversation:

Me: “Good morning, I’m here to sub for Mr.S.”

Secretary C: “Oh good to see you. Just sign in there. Let me get you his class schedule and attendance papers.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Oh, and are you interested in a long term substitute position? I have a class open right now through December.”

“Yes.” [My heart lept into my throat when she asked me this.]

“It’s a math class though. Are you any good at math?”

“Yes…I’m a math major- I’ve finished my junior year of classes.” [I began to go into a shock at this point. I couldn't look at her for a moment and just tried to concentrate on signing in. What was my name again?]

“Oh great. This is a geometry resource class- maybe some algebra too.”

“Oh, I love algebra. But are you sure I’m qualified? I’m not teacher certified at all?

“Oh, that's okay. How far are you through your teacher certification program?”

“I’m not currently enrolled in one. I’ll be doing alternate certification and I’ve only taken one of my teaching prerequisites- Educational Psychology.

“Oh, you’ll be fine. Here’s the class schedule. Why don’t you go up and talk to her.”

So, I signed in for my very first day substituting and was given a long-term position. They’ve been looking for somebody but 5 other people have turned it down. Now it’s mine for the taking!

To be continued….


Jed said...


What's a "long-term substitute"? Does that mean they have a teacher they know is going to be absent a lot?

mollo said...

Exactly. You're classified as long-term if you're going to be there for 30+ days. You get a pay raise. :) It's unusual because after 30 days the school district has to inform the parents that the teacher is uncertified.

The teacher I'm subbing for will be taking 3 months off for materity leave.

MHN for short said...

sweet!!! Congrats Nikki!!!