Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina Coverage

Seeing all this madness and the large number of displaced persons makes me want to DO something. REALLY! Our community has opened a shelter but the people haven't quite made it here yet. As soon as the evacuations get going fullfledged, I'm sure a bus load of people will be living in our town.

The best coverage is from two places. First, from the people that were there. Go to THIS LINK or THIS LINK and read the emails posted on CNN and Fox News from the people who have been affected.

Secondly, if you're looking for a condensed, quick, and always up to the minute news, then head over to Michelle Malkin. She is showing us again why she is the blogging queen.

If you feel like donating, please jump over to here. My church is very active in helping those that need it. I know after the Florida hurricanes, we were able to help those after FEMA had left. Quite a few people lost their monies due to rip-off-contractors and we were able to help them. The Red Cross is extremely good at what they do, providing the basics. There's lots of room for other organizations to provide other needed support, structure, and love for the people.

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