Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Two funny quotes

The price of being cool during a robbery:

Melissa Sauer, an employee at the store, spoke exclusively to Action News about what happened. She says her boss was showing a customer how to work a DVD player when two men walked in.

Melissa Sauer/Pawn Shop Employee: "They walked around the display cases and started... lifted up his shirt and started trying to pull out a gun and it kind of got stuck in his pants."

Melissa says that gave her enough time to run behind and lock an iron security door to the back of the shop where she called police.

New parenting advice from Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett:

He said that years ago, parents might tell children, eat your dinner because there are children starving in China. Now, he said, parents could tell children, “Do your homework; there are kids studying in China."


Apparently the Mayor was merely quoting wisdom from a prominent author, Thomas Friedman.

When I was growing up, my parents used to say to me, ‘’Tom, finish your dinner—people in China are starving.’’ ...... I am now telling my own daughters, ‘’Girls, finish your homework—people in China and India are starving for your jobs.’’
But I think they both flubbed it up. I was sure the classic line went "Eat your dinner- there are children in Ethiopia/Africa that are starving." I swear I never heard China.

But this Friedman sounds like a down-to-earth kinda guy. I just might read his book.


triticale said...

Drink your beer - there are sober people in India...

mollo said...

:) A toast to those you can't.

I think my logic is more personal.

"I made it and you're gonna eat it!"

MHN for short said...

That works? I'm going to have to try that...