Sunday, September 04, 2005

Brain dominance test

This is an interesting test that I was required to take for a class. It is certainly better than many internet tests out there. Give it a shot.

My results. I had to type them out.

Auditory – 53.3%
Visual – 46.7%
Left – 38.1%
Right – 61.9%

P-Ratt, you are strongly right hemisphere dominant with balanced preference for auditory and visual modes of processing, a very effective mix for creativity and spontaneity while being amenable to direction and focus.

With this combination you are likely a very impatient learner. On the one hand, you deal with large abstractions while you must frequently reduce your processing to one dimensional channels. Fortunately, you also have the attributes of a visual learner so that simultaneous processing is also available to you.

In a similar vein, your right hemisphere fives you an abstract orientation that you are able to link to the organizational and sequential resources of the auditory learner.

You are more passionate than most and have the capacity to be very persuasive. You can detect a great deal by listening to others and this, combined with your intuitive capabilities, would tend to make you an excellent friend.

You are less reflective about yourself or your motivations, unless forced to be. Your tendency is to respond simultaneously to people and avoid a need to have expectations or demands.

Overall, your organization and planning are flexible, and you are successful in “winging it” with sufficient verbal sophistication to blend with your spontaneity and creativity. You will experience discomfort only when situations become too organized or rigid and find yourself wanting to either flee or challenge them.

You may be disorganized with piles of stuff laying everywhere. Unlike the more visually oriented person, however, you have a hard time relocating whatever you place unless you verbally state to yourself where you are putting something and then remind yourself what you are looking for when you go to retrieve it.

I have a left brain? ;)


mokru said...

I was expecting the test so others could test themselves...

P-Ratt said...

The link is the post's title.