Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Essential Needs

My good friend over at Quintessential Me has a post up about the niftiest, portable phone charger on the market. It runs on a AA battery and will give you up to 3 more hours of talk time for every battery. Mokru has a picture of it over at his site.

I think I need to go buy one. That's great for after the storm.

I've discovered a fantastic new product that makes all other temporary cell phone batteries obsolete. It's called charge2go.

It's a casing for a single double A battery that plugs into your phones charge slot.This product is supposed to give you three hours of additional talk time, but the real beauty is that everyone needs AA batteries every now and again, so running into store x and picking up a pack is both inexpensive and not a big deal.

Lets face it. We all run out of charge at inconvenient times, but at the costs Radio Shack charges for disposable chargers and batteries, we forego the 'need.' I think the company is a branch of Duracell. Now that is a smooth move indeed.

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jojo said...

We have a ton of them and they do work great! if you need any Charge2Go units check out our site at: hope this helps.