Thursday, September 22, 2005

They're trying to come

It takes 10 hours to get from Houston to College Station right now. Today, TxDOT is starting to open the freeways in the same direction to allow people to get out. People are running out of gas on the side of the road, cars are over heating, and they're having to stop and sleep in parking lots even though they're only 50 miles from home.

My mom and dad filled up their gas tanks yesterday morning but my brother didn't fill up his. There's very little gas to be found so they'll be leaving my brothers car.

My sister didn't decide to evacuate the city until last night. I wonder what exactly finally convinced her to go. Was it the description of what would occur when a peice of debris hit her giant bay window? Was it the idea of living off of nothing but fruit bars and crackers for a week? I bet it was the idea of going without AC for a week!

I still have friends and family that haven't decided where they are going. There's no wood to cover the large windows and sliding glass doors on the many Houston homes. Even here in Bryan, we'll be making a board to cover the larger windows with carpet, cardboard and tons of Walmart plastic grocery sacks.

Class is starting so I can't add anything more. I'm ticked that we're in school and everybody south of us got Thursday off too! We're just getting Friday off.

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P-Ratt said...

Well, the freeways are parking lots. They decided to not try as of yet. They'll wait and see if the middle of the night provides a better opportunity.