Friday, September 16, 2005


Look what I got in the mail today! It would be really awesome if I could write a whole essay with a liberal slant and win that prize.

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I'm a realist- money is money no matter where it came from. Personally, I don't understand why the government turned down the offer of 10 million barrels of oil from Iran. It's not like we're going to change our stance on their government's dealing over a tiny bit of oil. Offers of charity can be accepted even if you hate the person. Governments all over the world are usually happy to accept our help even though they can't stand us.


mokru said...

Yeah, but you probably already qualify for a pell grant if you file a fafsa on the web. I mean they base it upon your income taxes the previous year. The fact that you have a family helps quite a bit. Yeah, I personally think we ought to give the Iranians the chance to be more friendly. The same with Castro. Clearly decades of Sanctions have had little to no effect, so why not allow our economy to benefit from the trade?

mollo said...

Castro offerred to send what, 20 tons of medical supplies? Unless he's talking about medical marijuana, I don't think his whole country even has that much for their own people.

I'd prefer to just wait it out until and see what happens when he dies. I'm not up on my Cuba facts but I think we might be the only country in the world that refuses trade with them now. If so, I would think that their country would be pretty stable already. If they haven't developed trade with other countries, then their trade isn't going to get that much better if we were in the picture.

Castro doesn't look that bad anymore, not only because communism is pretty dead, but because there are worse dictators out there. Korea and the Congo are two that made Castro look like an old dog. Why China is best friends with both of them?

mokru said...

No, as far as I know, Castro offered nothing, but Texas rice farmers would love the opportunity to sell their grains to Cuba. One would have to be delusional to think that Castro is affected by our embargo. In fact most countries do business with Cuba. It's important to undercut bad governments, but clearly the U.S. strategy is a failure. And since we have a non-invasion Treaty with Cuba thanks to JFK's Bay of Pigs fiasco... Might as well make the best of the situation.

mokru said...

Or was it due to his Cuban missile crisis? So many Kennedy family failures...

mollo said...

Yup, they did offer us aid but not in supplies. They offered to send 1600 doctors to us to help the victims. This article also talks about US humanitarian aid that has been offered to Cuba but is always turned down. It's a strange world out there.