Saturday, September 03, 2005

KAMU and Windows Media Player

The local PBS station is one of only 4 stations I recieve. Everybody else has been watching CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC but I've been hitting reload on my dial-up connection for ages. But now, KAMU has put a New Orleans station up and is running that instead of regular programming. Using the emergency info line, they're constantly announcing the lastest news for our region. I guess that's the power you have when you aren't tied down by advertisers.

I didn't know what was up when a mouse arrow suddenly flashed across the television screen and a menu popped up. It seems they are just playing the streamlined video off the internet. They are using Windows Media Player and putting it up for everybody to see. That's so simple and awesome. Thanks!

In other news,

The local Salvation Army here has asked that all food and clothing be held off. They have no more room!

Carnival Cruise Lines has pulled three boats from service and will house 7000 refugees on them. Two of them are already stationed in Galveston. They are cancelling all cruises and reservations for the next six months. Kudos to Carnival for taking this chance.

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