Friday, September 30, 2005

School District Sued in Class Action Lawsuit

A new development has occurred in the "it's their fault" debate on the lack of education observed in black students. Many private foundations have sued school districts in an effort to get them to bolster the achievement of black students, but this is the first time a judge has allowed a class action lawsuit.

More than 20,000 Pinellas black students can stand together against the school
system in a lawsuit that alleges they are not being properly educated, a
three-judge appeals panel ruled Wednesday.

The school district defended itself with the same research that is available across the country. The newspaper cited povery, distrust of white folk, and excess television watching in black families as factors the school district has no control over.

I'm so tired of hearing "poverty" as a reason. In truth, their educational values often define what they expect of their children and how they teach their children to act towards a teacher. Their educational values is what is making them poor, not the other way around. There's no reason that a poor student couldn't learn just as well as another. But if their parent never tells them to do their homework, then the student will never learn.

It's culture, not race! I'm glad to say I think most of my friends already know this. The skin color gene does not influence the intelligence gene! We all think of Asian immigrant students as being the geeky, studious students who are always on top. But in reality, African immigrants have attended college at a higher rate than all other immigrants. There are many, many smart black people out there that are probably just as tired as I am of these annoying race arguements.

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