Monday, September 26, 2005

Side Effects of Rita

I laughed at FoxNews's extra large caption on the website proclaiming "Western Louisiana Swamped." After all, that's merely mother nature returning the land to it's natural environment- swampy!

I'm sorry for all the rain, tornadoes, floods, and other inconviences that Hurricane Rita has graciously bestowed on other Americans across the Eastern Continent. The rains of Rita never got to my county. The radar showed them in the county beside me but the Brazos Valley's slice was two enjoyable days of beautiful cool weather and a fun-loving breeze.

We're paying for it double now.

Yesterday the high was 104 and right now its 105 outside. My husband went to start the van at 4pm and nothing would work! The radio wouldn't play, the windows wouldn't roll, and scarily, the van wouldn't start. After opening the doors for a couple minutes, the van finally started. Hubby's just that the "Oh crap" stress moment to pass now.

Rita took such a big chunk of air with her that now an equally impressive amount of air must come from somewhere to equalize the pressures. As Rita heads north and east, the winds are now coming out of the west, directly off the hot Texas desert. The heat is still here and now humidity has returned with fresh moisture from the Gulf reaching into our area this morning. Heat advisories are now in effect with FEELS LIKE temps up at 108 and climbing.

Now, when the mayor of Houston says "STAY AWAY" because there's no electricity, water, and sewage in your part of town, maybe you'll do it next time!

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