Thursday, September 22, 2005

Little Updates

I'm blogging Channel 13 news out of Houston in between classes.

The computer models are starting to show that Rita may slow down a bit and work over the land slower than originally predicted. That means extra rain before and after the hurricane goes through.

The next forecast for movement will released at about 4 pm today.

There are delays at the airport because the screeners are not showing up for work. They are bringing in extra screeners from other cities. Continental and Southwest Airlines will be not be charging fees if you cancel a ticket for this weekend.

The waters have already started touching the sea wall in Galveston.

Right now it takes 6 hours to get from Downtown Houston to our outside loops. (Houston has two loops.)

The traffic is inching along at 3-4 miles per hour.

Update 2:
Hwy 290, the way to get to my house is in deadlocked. Good luck to my relatives. They're gonna try a back way but good luck.

The traffic on I-45 heading north is now up to 100 miles long.

TxDOT has announced that they will be getting more gasoline to people in Houston. The rumor is that the Pentagon is involved in this attempt to get gasoline in.

Galveston Mayor: "I have requested 1500 National Guardsmen and at least 2 search and rescue units to be sent to this area immediately after the storm."

One hundred busses have evacuated 3200 people. The last bus is about to leave.

"The evacuation appears to be a success."

The mayor is stressing that the governor is the one that is calling her and asking what her needs are. She's also talking about their liason with FEMA.

At this moment, the projected path puts Galveston on the clean side of the storm and that is making the officials a little bit happier.

Now the Governor is having a press conference. He's asking everybody to be calm and patient. They are working to counterflow the highways. Gasoline trucks are coming- they are part of the plan that was laid out before hand by Homeland Security.

They're trying to come
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